The website of GISC project is closed down.

GMES in-situ coordination (GISC), a FP7 funded project, started in the European Environment Agency in January 2010 and ended on 31 October 2013.

The description of work specifies that the high level objective of the project was to act between data providers or networks of data providers and to develop an adequate management system for in-situ data that also takes into account that demands will change over time. The outcome of the project is to have undertaken the preparatory work needed to develop a management system and initial framework for in-situ data for core services. The results of the preparatory work are:

  • Refocusing networks of actors
  • Clarifying and prioritizing requirements for data
  • Devising the framework necessary to deliver the data
  • Developing EEA’s and networks focus on coordinating the in-situ component.

The proposed regulation for Copernicus foresees a role for EEA in relation to in-situ, and it is anticipated that this role will be taken up once the regulation is approved under new multi-annual financial framework.

Key deliverables of the GISC project can be accessed here:


Agreements and arrangements in place run until close of 2014.

Interactions with countries have been archived in the Eionet forum and can be accessed by authorised Eionet users.


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Thank you for your support and interest in the work we did together.